World of Warcraft Tips.

World of Warcraft

1) Introduction

WoW modders can happen in 2 ways: One looks for one of the mod packages (eg CTMod or Cosmos), or to tinker his own personal user interface together. To CTMod and Cosmos, there are enough guides on the net, I will be here I do not bother and a further letter. That would be silly because there are very good.

So why do I write a guide to its own UI zusammenzubasteln, although it had this mod packages?

The answer is quite simple: I personally have the packets to overload. There are tons of tools with which you never need in life. ┴ - ? And tons of tools, which may contain potential errors. I think I'm too much for computer scientists: my opinion is: Keep it simple. Still, there may be some which are not as technically versed are the right choice to be one of the packets to take. On the site I recommend CTMod.

I recommend CTMod not due to its features - CTMod and Cosmos are both lovers and people who hate it, I personally use, for example, but neither have my own UI zusammengebastelt. Why I recommend therefore CTMod?

Quite simply: Cosmos supports Thottbot. Thott has over many games having nice things produced, which he found on his website (Thottbot) has been made about the U.S. beta of World of Warcraft has become his WoW database but its very very useful and popular Tool moulted, so he's index page completely by replacing the WoW database. There is nothing bad, Thott and his creations were excellent, but belongs Thottbot no longer Thott.

Who owns it? IGE. IGE is the ┴ - ░ Secondary Market Mogul┴ - ▓ par IGE is a multi-million dollar company match items (from all possible MMORPGs) for real money verscherbelt. Blizzard is hard, however, and since Thottbot (like OGaming at what is now Thottbot ┴ - - geh÷rt┴ ░ ▓) is now in the hands of this firm is Blizzard will never, ever, in any way placed under the use of tzen. An official statement, there was never, it will never exist and this only reflects my personal opinion.

It is left to you whether you use Cosmos and Thottbot, I will not do it.

Selberbasteln makes Spass┴ - Č ┴ - Č costs but also, unfortunately, little time. I myself have a whole evening damitverbracht me sort out the packages that I really want to have. Another rAbend for the creation of mods for all my characters on it went, but now I have a feeling for my ideal UI for each of my Charakteredie I play.

Print these instructions so you and take you some time if you really want to have a surface, the ideal to your needs.

This guide is divided into the following areas:
1) introduction (which you're almost through)
2) selection of the Mods
3) Installation
3.1) versions
4) Configuration
5) Use

Points 3 ┴ - ? 5 shall apply for each mod, which recently logged in item 2 selects. Cases for special mods will be in its own thread. I post there experiences during which I work with mods learned.